Radio Alinafe


Fr. Louis Chikanya

St. Paul’s Parish – Mchinji Radio Alinafe volunteers have been trained in radio programmes production and presentation.

The training took place at the parish hall where ten men and women received training. The reporters have been encouraged to be active in contributing stories to the Radio.

Alex Nasoni is one of the trainees; he expressed his satisfaction in the training. He said the lessons that they have received will help them to be confident and work according to the rules of the Church.

“As a journalist one must know the rules and furthermore, we are working as church journalists. This training therefore will help us not to sidetrack from what the church wants,” he said.

Radio Alinafe is a regional community radio station that covers the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, which is generally the Central Region of Malawi. It also covers parts of the Eastern Region and parts of Northern Region of Malawi.

Volunteers after the training





Parish Priest (C) with the volunteers at St. Paul’s Parish Church
Volunteers after church service