Radio Alinafe


Radio Alinafe Management on 6th June, 2021 organized a short refresher session for its staff as one way of improving their performance.

The session was organized to cover areas of technics of presentation, radio personality branding, behaving in a religious radio station, among others.

Jeremiah Kamanga is one of the new volunteers who attended the session and says he learnt a lot from the session. “I learnt on how to produce programmes and how to present them to the listener. Furthermore, I learnt the need to be confident on the radio. I also learnt that preparation is critical for a successful presentation.”

Catherine Damazio, another volunteer expressed confidence that with what she learnt will assist her to improve her presentation. “I was helped to write a script as a guide for my content and to be very selective in the use of language considering that Radio Alinafe is a religious Radio Station.” she said.

Mr. Gabriel Kamlomo, a radio personality facilitated the session.

Radio Alinafe, largely is served by volunteers with various professions.

Gabriel Kamlomo facilitating the session


Radio Alinafe Volunteers following the lessons during the training at Radio Alinafe Hall


Radio Alinafe Volunteers after the training