Radio Alinafe


On Easter Sunday, 2021, Radio Alinafe organised and successfully held a radio choir festival. The activity initially did not attract many choirs because it was an idea that is very new and few understood how it would be conducted.

On deadline, we had only registered 20 choirs. The number increased drastically few hours before the actual day for the festival. Radio Alinafe had a huge listenership on this day, perhaps second to the days the Archdiocese lost His Grace Tarcisius Ziyaye.

Radio Alinafe is an archdiocesan Radio Station operating on 97.1FM covering the central Malawi region and some parts of the north and south. It is also linked on

The main objective of the Radio Station is to evangelize the people. We have Bible programmes, Catechetical and spiritual programmes, health and environmental programmes, agriculture and educational programmes.

The Radio Station also, though not its main objective, offer time for adverts and announcements on an affordable fee. At Radio Alinafe we can produce and air sponsored programmes.