The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority MACRA has emphasized the need for faith-based leaders to play a crucial role in ensuring that their followers are making the good use of social media.


The sentiments have been made in Mangochi during a meeting which centred at discussing issues surrounding cyber space and electronic communication.


A communication expert Baldwin Chiyamwaka has urged faith leaders to be on the forefront of helping people to use social media positively for the betterment of the country.


Chiyamwaka expressed his disappointment especially on how some of the citizenries are using the social media.


“People have been defamed, People have been harmed in different ways because of disinformation, misinformation, fake news, fabrication and sheer evil intent to harm someone,” said chiyamwaka.


He is of the view that social media is an important tool in developing the country if well accorded.


“Let’s use social media positively to develop and to benefit our lives positively but also to benefit the lives of others and to benefit our country” he concluded.


Secretary General for Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi, Sheikh Osman Karim has described the meeting as fruitful as it will enable them to reach people on how best they can use social media.


“It is important for faith leaders to understand how they can communicate with their people especially the young people,” Karim acclaimed.


The tendency of sharing some nudity content on social media has been on rise in the country a situation which is worrying authorities.



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