The Director of Radio Alinafe, Rev. Fr. Louis Chikanya says audience engagement at community level strengthens the bond between radio personalities and their audiences, a recipe for continued trust that is required in communication.

He said this at Mpondamwala in Lilongwe on 14 July 2023 where Radio Alinafe team met some of its listeners from that area.

The Director of Radio Alinafe, Father Louis Chikanya

Father Chikanya made a clear presentation on what the radio is made up of and that people can have access to it as it is there for them.

He also called upon the people to listen to the programs which are running on the radio rather than focusing on phone in programs that give them chance to greet others only.

The audience also gave their views on what they feel should be done on air.


They proposed for the repetition of an exclusive program which runs on Sunday at 02:00 am among others.

The Director thanked the listeners who were present at the meeting for their unity which they had shown.

He said that the spirit gives a true reflection of the Radio Alinafe’s slogan “deepening love in our society.”