Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute has on 22 April 2024 hosted the launch of communication strategy in the country as one of the countries under Don Bosco Tech-Africa.

Malawi has become the first country to launch the communication strategy out of the 11 countries which are under the Don Bosco Tech Africa.

Speaking at the event, the superior for the Salesians of Don Bosco in Zambia and Malawi, Father Michael Mbandama outlined the importance of the communication strategy to the youths and the citizenry.

In his words, Fr. Mbandama indicated how the youths will benefit from the strategy and also how Don Bosco youth Technical Institute empowers the youths with wisdom and knowledge on how best they can live their life.

He further explained how the communication strategy will help their school as it is a tool that will create a way on how they can communicate with their beneficiary.

“It is in this that we communicate what we do, in this that we want to set up a kind of a pattern on how we are going to defuse information and it is in this that will are going to catch those that we inform and it is in this also that we are going to penetrate our stakeholders especially the industry and it is in this that we are going to bring alot of those young people who are poor into our system so that we also empower them as we have done in the past,” explained Fr Michael.

Don Bosco Tech Africa includes all 24 technical institutions under Don Bosco in Africa and Madagascar and over 2000 students have patronized Don Bosco Youth Technical Institute in the country.

by Tiyamike Paul Chisale